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Absent Minded

I'm worried about my mental health. All day today I thought it was Thursday. I got ready, walked to the oriental medicine clinic and found it was closed. Every Wednesday it's closed. This is just one example of many that shows how absent minded I've been lately. Another priceless example was on Saturday. Wonho and I had train tickets to go to a wedding in Pusan. We set the alarm to get up early enough to make it there on time. As I was getting ready, I just never thought to check the time. We got ready, left the house and realized that we only had 20 minutes to catch our train. Of course we didn't make it. You can't get anywhere in Seoul in 20 minutes. We had to cancel our tickets on our way to the station and reserve seats on the next train. The only ones availabe were in 1st class. We spent an extra 40 dollars because we never bothered to check the time. Wonho and I are both so forgetful. Sometimes we worry that someday we'll produce a kid who's as bright as Homer Simpson. Doh!
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