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On the Job Again

It's Friday evening and boy am I exhausted! I've been on holiday for about 6 weeks until I started my new classes on Wednesday. Wednesday and Thursday were both easy, I had one class on each day in the morning. Today? I had 7.5 hours of teaching. What a schedule! On Tuesday I have another 8 hours in a row (Monday is off). Of course, I can't complain. I have plenty of time off, but weird how my classes are all bunched up in two days. This week we had introductory classes. I go in, say my name, show them the textbook to buy, give them a syllabus handout and say, "See you next week." Oh, I let them go after they have a chance to ask me some questions. I meant questions about the class, but of course I get questions such as "How old are you?", "Do you have a boyfriend?" or "Are you married?" It's nice that they want to practice their English I guess.
One guy had the courage to say to me"I love you" as he was leaving the classroom. How nice of him. I hope they get more original when it's time to study and they have to actually impress me with their English....
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