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Windows of the World

Wonho and I went to a theme park near our hotel called Windows of the World. We weren't sure what to expect since we weren't all that confident that a theme park in China would be all that entertaining. But, we heard good things about this place and decided to give it a try. Luckily, Wonho had Monday off so we were able to avoid weekend crowds. We arrived in the early afternoon and each paid 120 RMB to get in the park (about 15 dollars). We thought that was rather pricey by Chinese standards.
Well, it was worth every penny (or should I say yi jiao?). There was so much to see there. Famous structures and places from all over the world were recreated on a much smaller scale. I wouldn't call it miniature, but much smaller than the original. For instance, they have an Eiffel tower that is big enough to take an elevator up, but still much smaller than the real one. The details on these displays were very precise and even the plants surrounding it were true to the region. These are pictures from our visit:
Windows of the World</a It was truly and fun place and I hope when my friends Lisa and Kerry visit us, they'd like to go becuase I'd be more than willing to see it again...
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