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Heinz has a talent that we were unaware of. He loves playing Frisbee! He practically goes nuts when we bring it out and barks like a mad dog. He pounces for it and if he gets it in his mouth you have to play tug of war until you yell at him to "drop" it...and he eventually does. When we throw it, he's races after it and brings it back for more tug or war and catch. It's great exercise for him. He looks so funny trying to walk and balance the huge frisbee in his mouth...

On another note, we're now over half way through the immigration process for Wonho. I've been accepted as his sponsor and now we're waiting to hear from the embassy in Seoul if he'll be accepted as a permanent resident. We still have no idea when we can leave Korea. We're getting more and more anxious!

...but until then, we'll bide our time and play Frisbee with Heinz.

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That pic is so awesome!!! How fun! I'm a dog guy - but one of my beefs against small dogs is their (assumed) inability to partake in fun things like that (or if they do - it's pint-sized fun). Heinz has change my view!

Congrats on the immigration process progression. I hope it continues to go smoothly. I have a friend who's about to begin the process w/ his fiancee, who's in Japan. He's not looking forward to it.
Yeah, Heinz in particular is a big dog in a small dog's body.

I feel sorry for your friend. The paper work is a big pain in the butt. We also had to collect a ton of pictures and provide witness names to prove that our marriage is for real. With health check-ups and criminal reports...it was a lot of work. Glad it's almost over.

By the way, I've been reading a lot your journal entries through my friends link. You're always so busy and doing interesting things! Any news on the living on a boat idea? That would be super cool...
Oh yea - I've been living on the boat since November. I lived on it for 6 mo. back in '02. I love it!
Really? Oh, I thought you were looking to buy a boat...

Well, I think it's great. I'd love to be that close to water all the time. I miss clean lakes, rivers, pools etc. The Han river is nice enough, but...

Well, I'll see enough water once we get to Canada. We'll be living near the great lakes somewhere.